I have coached hundreds of new VAs on all aspects of building their business: from deciding on a niche, to naming their business, to getting clients.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this:

Having the right business name that attracts your ideal clients and tells them exactly what you do is priceless -because if your name is confusing, off-putting, or just plain not understandable, people will not buy your service. And if people cannot understand and buy your service, trust me when I say: you will not be in business long!

As a new business owner, people often come up with names that are not unique or memorable and end up doing their business a disservice right from the beginning. You often see them posting polls in the group and they get little to no feedback. Why? Because the names just aren’t exciting. You may be trying to name your business and drawing a blank. Or maybe you’ve got lots of ideas, but none of them are really jumping out at you as “the one.”

If you’re thinking “YES! That’s me!!” Don’t worry. I can help.

You need to speak to someone who has years of experience in this industry and knows what clients like (and don’t like) – what will attract them like moths to a flame and what will turn them off from the get-go. You need someone who knows how to avoid the most common mistakes people make when naming their business, mistakes that can cost you time and money, not to mention hours of aggravation.


This package is really fun and I’ve priced it low because it is one of my absolute favorites to do! We get together for about an hour and brainstorm all kinds of different crazy options for your biz name and tagline. I use my degree in English and gigantic vocabulary to nail your exact niche so your ideal clients come running in your direction. By the end of the session, you will have a business name and tagline to match that you are excited to share and promote. I’ll also help you make sure your name isn’t trademarked by anyone else to help you avoid costly legal battles, and tell you how to legally claim your shiny new biz name before anyone else does.


Still on the fence? Why wait when crafting the perfect name for your business is holding you back from getting started on so many things? From creating your logo and social media pages, putting up a website, and, most important of all, promoting your biz and MAKING MONEY! Here are some examples of names I’ve created for happy clients:


Contact me today to book a time for my business naming package and start your biz right! Your new name will even be featured here and shared in the VA Clinic Facebook group as your first advertisement. 🙂