Hi, I’m Galena.  Founder of the Virtual Assistant Clinic.

me_burnedI started my VA business three years ago after an accident involving me, and 18 wheeler and a long stretch of highway one snowy morning in upstate NY.  As I watched the 30 tons of steel and rubber jackknifing right in front of me (and hoped and prayed I wouldn’t wind up underneath), my life flashed in front of my eyes.  What would happen to my kids if I didn’t make it?  As a single mom, I knew there had to be a better way.  Spending hours a week driving back and forth to work just so I could pay for my house payment and car that I rarely got to enjoy?  Risking my life on dangerous roads in winter?  Getting glowing employee reviews only to be offered a 50 cent raise, barely keeping pace with inflation?  It all seemed pointless. I didn’t get a masters degree just to help build someone else’s business for 30K a year and a pat on the back!  I was adding a ton of value to the companies I was working for, but yet I still couldn’t make more than just enough to barely pay my bills.

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  • Are you as tired of the daily grind as I was?

  • Have you been thinking and dreaming about owning your own business but not sure where to start?

  • Maybe you’ve even already set up a VA biz, but you’re not having any luck finding clients and making the amount of revenue you desire?



I created the Virtual Assistant Clinic because I think everyone should either be a VA or have one.  You too can take control of your life and set your own pay-rate.  You can determine what type of projects you want to take on and when and how to do the work – all while building a lifestyle where you can afford what you need without working 24-7!  Or even 9 to 5.  Since becoming a VA, I’ve taken 6 times the number of vacations and nearly tripled my income.  With my background in adult ed & training and my experience building my own biz, I can help you achieve the same results.

I’m passionate about helping other women get there because I’ve been in your shoes.  And I now know for sure that there IS a better way.  Because I’m doing it.   So what are you waiting for?




I offer the following programs to help you start and build your biz:


Facebook Group ~ A free community for sharing VA tricks, tips and support

Prescription for Success Newsletter ~ Useful information and advice from experienced VAs to newbies

VA Clinic Blog ~ My hints and hacks to be successful as a new virtual assistant

Personal Coaching ~ One-on-one support from me for those serious about getting successful with their VA biz

Daily VA Job Alerts ~ You can’t succeed as a virtual assistant without clients. I’ve done the work for you – all you have to do is reply.

MiniClinics ~ My affordable small-group programs to get you just the information you need to build your business without anything else!

Biz Clinic ~ Biz clinic is where I share how to succeed in your business. This is where the real secrets come out!! Learn how to do it right the first time and save yourself a lot of time and heartache by subscribing to my membership site. I’m constantly going to be adding new videos and trainings and as a member, you can even request a specific training that you need to succeed with your biz. Yep, that’s right – if I think it’s a relevant topic – I’ll create a training just for you!


Sign up for one or better yet all of these and give your business the nutrient boost that it needs to reach optimal health.  You can email me at or reach out on Facebook with any questions.  🙂